The Saint Luke Care Fund for Aged and Sick Priests

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 We all look forward in the month of June to our annual priestly ordinations. They strengthen our hope by strengthening our priestly ranks. While welcoming a new generation of priests, I would like to share with you a concern over the previous one. 

Our priests spend their lives ministering to the wellbeing of souls. After years of service, a number of them are beginning to feel the effects of age and some now have health concerns and are no longer able to care for themselves.

Similar situations happen in many families. You may have experienced such a situation where you are unable to care for a beloved family member in your own home. Due to illness or advanced age, you found it necessary to turn to others for assistance. Similarly, in our priories, the homes of our priests, occasions arise when we find ourselves unable to provide the full-time medical attention needed for certain priests.

Covering costs and ensuring quality care for loved ones is extremely challenging and this is no different for our aged and infirm priests.

Our faithful have always been more than generous with their time and energy in helping our priests. I’m writing you in the hope that you may be able to assist and further these generous efforts made for our priestly family.

I am thus creating a fund to help ensure that proper care is available for the aging and infirm members of our priestly communities. We will call the fund The Saint Luke Care Fund for Aged and Sick Priests, and ask Saint Luke, the patron saint of physicians, to oversee the care of our beloved aged and sick priests. Please consider contributing to it. Please help us care for our priests who have dedicated their lives to the health of souls like yours.

Whether or not you are able to contribute, I entrust these priests and their situation to your prayers. God’s charity asks us to be more generous with those who have done more for us. Who has done more for us than they have? Through their hands our souls remain alive and healthy in the grace of God.

Sincerely yours in Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Sovereign High Priest, 

Fr. John Fullerton