FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or concerns about your donation, please find the answers below, or contact us directly!

How can I obtain a tax receipt for my donation?

Every January, tax receipts are sent to any donor who has donated $250 or more in the previous year. A tax receipt could be requested at any time by contacting us.

Can I donate with check or through my bank account?

Yes, you can send a check directly to:
Regina Coeli House
PO Box 206
Farley, MO 64028.
If you’d like to donate with an ACH (directly from your bank account) please contact our Development office: giving@sspx.org or 816-733-2575

Is my donation secure?

SSPX.gifts utilizes the highest standards in electronic payments. Our donation site uses the Shopify platform, which is one of the leaders in internet e-commerce, and is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. The development staff at the District House does not and can not see any of your financial information, such as your credit card number, your PayPal login information, etc.

Does all of my donation go to the SSPX?

We are charged about 3% per transaction by the payment gateway - the service that charges your credit / debit card on our behalf. At checkout, you are given the opportunity to donate additionally in order to cover this cost. If you choose not to, then about 3% of your donation will be deducted by the payment gateway before the donation reaches the SSPX. All the funds received by the SSPX - whether the 97% or the full amount if you choose to assist with our fee - goes to the SSPX.

Can I include the SSPX in my will or trust?

Thank you for considering us in this manner! We would certainly be willing to discuss the options with you. Please feel free to call us or email us to set an appointmentgiving@sspx.org or 816-733-2575

Can I be assured that my donation will be used for what I earmarked it?

We are bound, both morally and legally, to utilize the donation according to your wishes. While the accounting team at the US District of the SSPX does route all these funds, you can be assured that they will reach their designation. 

Can I donate to a particular chapel or school?

You can indeed - while not all the chapels and schools are utilizing the SSPX.gifts platform, we are adding more continuously. Please see our listing of all the apostolates here. 

Can I donate some of my assets to the SSPX?

In the same way that you can include the SSPX in your will, we are able to accept donations where there is need. We are also able to accept bequeaths such as stocks or 401(k) funds, for instance.

In general, we would gratefully decline donations of household items - at least at the US District level - since we are not set up to operate like a “good will” store. But if you are in a position of donating some items that could be utilized in a broad sense, have property or land that may be of interest, or wish us to be beneficiaries of an estate sale, we could accept this - please contact our Development office: giving@sspx.org or 816-733-2575

Can I donate on behalf of someone, or in memory of someone?

You are more than welcome to add this designation in the notes field in the shopping cart! We will review and act according to your wishes whenever possible!