Retreat Center for the Midwest- Spiritus Sanctus Retreat and Camp Center

Retreat Center for the Midwest- Spiritus Sanctus Retreat and Camp Center

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 Let me share some encouraging news as we reach the end of 2022. As more souls discover the treasures of the Faith, we have been forced to find another place to keep up with increasing demand. We have been running at or beyond capacity between organized retreats, summer camps, scouting programs, conferences for parents, and other activities. Especially for retreats, with our existing retreat houses on the coasts, something in the Midwest seemed ideal.

Between our two priories in the Midwest, we have nearly 14 weeks of retreats preached to students of varying ages yearly. Add to this the scouting camps and retreats for the adults from our many chapels. We find ourselves renting facilities for more than half the year, which is costly.

Providence, however, has intervened. In light of the above, I am excited to announce that we are finalizing the acquisition of a property near Lake Perry in eastern Kansas. This property will be an ideal location for these retreats, camps, and other activities for young and old, laying the groundwork for restoring all things in Christ.

But I do need your help.

With 100 acres, including an 11-acre lake, it has a peaceful and secluded environment perfect for retreats and camps. This property also has facilities already in place. The current buildings provide adequate housing, and the lodge offers a commercial kitchen and large event rooms needed for holding such events. Beyond the purchase costs, however, we still need to work on the property to make it fully functional for our specific activities.

Could I ask you to consider contributing to this project, which will provide a much-needed facility for Catholic formation?

We’re deeply grateful for any support you can offer. I hope you see this project as a sign of continuing growth, of the vitality of Catholic Tradition, and the means of helping form ever more souls in the love of Christ and his Mother.

Fr. John Fullerton

United States District Superior