Our Teachers - A Different Sort of Missionary

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Sadly, it is no longer the case that missionary work is directed exclusively to lands where the Gospel has never been proclaimed. In this time of profound crisis, where the Faith is in decline in the West, even the United States is now missionary territory.

In order to grow and maintain this aspect of the Society’s apostolate, we need educators who are vested with a love for Tradition and who possess the intellectual, moral, and spiritual gifts required to properly shape the hearts and minds of our Catholic children. While many of the Society’s priests serve as teachers in our schools, their primary work is at the altar, offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and in the confessional, dispensing God’s mercy. They cannot carry out the work of Christian education alone.

For whether or not you have school-aged children or have access to a Society school, all of us know the immeasurable value of a Christian education in forming the Catholic soul. The students of the Society’s schools are our future priests, religious, and professionals.

Whether they work with their hands or their minds, the students shaped by our teachers will be the backbone of traditional Catholicism for decades to come. God willing, they will be the ones to carry forth the motto of our patron, Pope St. Pius X: “To restore all things in Christ.”

In this time after the Easter season and the glorious feast of the Ascension, where Our Lord commanded His Church to go forth and save the souls of the human race, I ask you to prayerfully consider aiding the educational apostolate of the Society of Saint Pius X.

By giving to the mission of Christian education, you will not only lend much-needed assistance to our current staff of teachers, but also help ensure that the Society can expand its educational work by hiring new talent.

Please make a gift today — $50, $75, $150 — whatever you can do to help. No amount is insignificant. If everyone who receives this letter sends a gift, even $20, we can better compensate our teachers and secure a brighter future for the education of our children throughout the U.S. District.

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