From COVID to Custodes, Our Work Continues

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Regardless of a pandemic or the recent Motu Proprio from Rome, the Society has been given a mission by our founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, to preserve the Mass of All Time. As Fr. Davide Pagliarani, our Superior General, said in his recent letter: “The Society of Saint Pius X has the duty to assist all those souls who are currently in dismay and are confused… we have the duty to offer them the certitude that the Tridentine Mass can never disappear from the face of the earth.”

This new interest also puts terrific demands on Angelus Press and our communications department. People newly discovering the SSPX are hungry for information. Books, web articles, videos, and podcasts are being consumed at an amazing rate. This growth required Angelus Press to purchase a new building earlier this year. As renovations are taking place, it will soon house offices for expanding staff and a state-of-the-art production studio to accommodate the increased demand for our podcasts and videos. Most importantly, Angelus Press provides missals to new converts to Tradition and instructional materials for any priests who want to learn to say the Traditional Latin Mass.

To be sure, all the difficulties of the past year—from COVID to Custodes—have the ultimate purpose of turning souls back to their Creator, and this through the timeless traditions Christ gave to His Church. Thus, they are a true blessing for many souls and, of course, place further demands on us. And, to meet these demands, I need your help. Most often, it is difficult and humbling to ask for your financial assistance. But, if there ever were a compelling time to ask for your generosity, it’s right now. There is so much at risk—and so much to gain. Souls are in the balance, and the Divine hand seems to be tilting the balance with His grace.

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