Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King - Driveway Fund

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We have had a windfall opportunity for free professional labor to remove and replace our front driveway. Without potholes, “the hill” presents a challenge to drivers in the snow, and can be especially exciting to the sisters sitting in the back of the van as it fishtails on the way up. With potholes, it is unsafe for both drivers and pedestrians, even in good weather. We continuously patch it with every type of patching material imaginable, so when we received the offer for free professional labor, we grew very excited. Another company can get us materials such as rebar and wire mesh at cost, and equipment rental will be free or at cost. We need 90 yards of concrete. The cost of this project should not exceed $20,000.  

How You Can Help

You can be a benefactor in three ways:

  1. Please pray for our material and spiritual needs.

  2. Please donate via this website or by mailing a check or money order made out to The Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King to:
    The Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King
    1409 E. Meyer Blvd
    Kansas City, MO 64131

  3. Please pass this link on to anyone who could help us with prayers or material assistance.

We pray for our benefactors throughout the day, and once you are on our prayer list, you remain on our prayer list. Thank you for considering our requests.  

The Franciscan Sisters can provide information about fundraising and administrative overhead related to your donation upon request. Please send your request to The Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King, 1409 E. Meyer Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64131.