From Fr. Wegner: Christmas Appeal 2018

From Fr. Wegner: Christmas Appeal 2018

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Dear Friend,

Now that Advent is almost over, most of you are preparing to celebrate the arrival of the newborn Christ in a variety of ways. Of course, you will attend Mass at midnight, or later Christmas morning. And, perhaps, you will travel to see loved ones and have a special family meal; and exchange carefully-chosen gifts with family, loved ones, and friends. 

As you prepare to celebrate, and give thanks, may I ask you to remember, in a special way, your priests, who make so many sacrifices for you throughout the year. Just think: were it not for your SSPX priests, many of you would not have the opportunity to regularly attend a traditional Latin Mass. 

Many of our priests rise early, and travel long distances, making great sacrifices, every week, to bring you the Mass and the sacraments. Many make trips, in the lonely hours of the night, to visit the sick and the elderly, in need of Extreme Unction, Confession, and Viaticum. And how many new families are formed as the priests witness new marriages and perform countless Baptisms throughout the year?

In appreciation for the many sacrifices our priests make on your behalf, please consider making a gift in support of your priests. If God has blessed you financially this year, perhaps you can make a unique, sacrificial gift, in thanksgiving for your many blessings, before the year comes to a close. We need your support in order to continue to successfully fulfill our mission of saving souls and preserving the traditional priesthood. 

As you know, now is a difficult time in the Church and we are in a spiritual battle. Your donation can be your contribution in the war for souls. You can equip our priests to soldier on. Every gift, no matter how small, is of immense value, because it benefits us, and it benefits you. 

And, of course, your year end gift is tax deductible. So, you can save on taxes and help me to take care of your favorite priests at the same time.

I don’t take your generosity for granted; I pray regularly for you and your families. Thank you for your continued generosity. 

May God bless you and keep you, now, and throughout the year.

Merry Christmas,
Fr. Jurgen Wegner, SSPX